Partnership Program

Become a Partner, Create more Impact.

Mautolink partnership program unlocks more potential for partnered service providers. If you offer insurance, vehicle repair, spare part shop, or other related services, you are eligible to become a partner with Us

Become a Partner

Partnership Benefits

Partnering with Mautolink comes with equal benefits as a service provider. We strive to collaborate with you to make the digital experience of our users and partner members more seamless, while benefiting both partners.

Reduced Cost

As a partner, you will enjoy discount prices on many services offered by Mautolink such as reduced cost of repair and more..

Increase Clientele

As a partner service provider, you stand a chance to market your services to our extensive users across Cameroon

Repair Now, Pay Later

Auto repairs won't wait for your paycheck to arrive. Mautolink will. As a partner, you can enjoy hassle-free repairs & Maintainance will you pay afterwards


Professional On-Demand Mechanics anywhere in Cameroon

Ensure compliance across your personal and business vehicle inspection reports

With a complete record of inspection history, Mautolink can better manage their compliance requirements, avoid penalties and decrease asset downtime. Inspection forms are fully customizable to ensure your drivers are checking the appropriate boxes.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Answered all frequently asked questions, if you are still confused please open a support ticket. We will get back to you ASAP.

Can I cancel anytime?

Yes, you can cancel your membership anytime you want. You will get membership management page from billing page after login.

Can FormBold see my form submission data?

No. All emails and message data are end-to-end encrypted, we can't see your form submission data.

What are the submissions?

Submission means the number of times you can receive the valid submission of forms API created from FormBold account.

How I can get future updates?

As long as you have an active membership with us. You will receive free updates, and new apps and integrations will be automatically available under your account.

Can I use free plan for commercial purpose?

Yes, you can use a free plan for commercial projects forever!. As long as you are not abusing our service and agreed to terms, you have no worries.

What if I have a team? Can I share my account?

Yes, you can. We recommend teams to use the Business plan so, you will not hit the submission and form limit very soon. And try to use a team email such as so, it is easier to share.

How I can protect Forms from Spam and Bots?

You can easily protect FormBold forms from spam submissions with a few clicks from form settings, we also have detailed a guideline and a video tutorial on spam protection. Please, visit the docs page and choose spam protection

Do you provide support?

Yes. Support is provided to all our customers. Please open a support ticket by describing your issue, we will get back to you within 24hrs.

Is Formbold well-documented?

Indeed. we created an entirely separate portal for docs you can access from: if you find anything that is not available on the documentation page. Please, feel free to submit a ticket we will get back to you with a solution.